yes, the weather lady dress is the best

I am sure you saw all the news stories about this weather lady dress, that basically every on-air personality owns...LOL, well close.  And I am obviously included in that group. 

Well, if you'd like a nice dress for work, this is a great choice ( 

The material isn't the greatest, but it is by no means the worst. It's actually comfortable and looks very nice in person, but it's definitely by no means high quality. But for 25-30 bucks, I really cannot complain. 

Then I started researching and found a bunch of great dresses around this price range. Again, not the greatest quality, but still would be great for work. So pretty pumped that I bought the weather lady dress and now I have discovered  -- what seems like -- a hidden treasure trove of business casual dresses. 

Ladies, I definitely recommend this dress and encourage you to shop around and check out the others. I've already purchased a couple other designs from the same company or similar companies. So yes, the weather lady dress is the best.