size up

I am one of those inbetweeners. I am not really a Medium, not really a Large -- and if you fall in this category, you know how incredibly annoying this can be. Especially when you're ordering online -- and let's be real -- a ton of us do that now. I mainly order my stuff online! 

So over the years, I have had this internal conflict before I press the "order" button (especially since some stores make you pay to return, . I don't want it to be tight or too baggy. With dresses, I have found that sizing up never hurts. Especially nowadays, with this whole bohemian, baggy chic thing going on -- you can usually salvage a bigger dress with a belt. So, I say size up! In fact, I have found sizing up is almost always the way to go -- whether you're buying bikinis or blazers. Of course, we would love for everything to fit like a glove, but don't I'm basically saying, error on bigger!

Love this v-neck belted dress from @letote and it was on sale for $9 🤑Unreal cheap and adorable 👗

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