show off those shoulders

Le Tote -  Bailey 44, Cold Shoulder Knit Dress $104

Le Tote - Bailey 44, Cold Shoulder Knit Dress $104

Summer is here, so have no fear when it comes to fashion!

Lots of festivals and fun events are rolling  out! And if you want to ditch the crop tops and high waist shorts for something a little classier, but still super fun -- well grab some of these lovely little numbers from Le Tote. This spring and summer they have been pushing a ton of these dresses that expose the shoulder. 

I have fallen in love with this look! It's a little sexy, but still demure. And many of these dresses you can wear to a formal brunch -- or while having a ladies night on the town. I feel like many of them are rather simple too, so they can easily be dressed up or down.

So if you want to feel fierce, fancy and fun -- grab some of these "off shoulder" dresses!