I ain't blue over Twenty2

This color tho... 💙 @twenty2cosmetics #me

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By day, I am a professional broadcast journalist, covering the top stories of the day, digging deep for pieces that I hope will connect with my audience. But I am human -- and need a break from the daily grind too. And one of my favorite things to do with my down time: play with makeup.

When I am at work, I put on a ton of make up (that would rival some of the greats from RuPaul's Drag Race), but I can't have too much fun. No crazy colors, keep it as natural looking as possible. Even though I am wearing layers of paint, I can't do anything too trendy or bizarre.

So when I get a night out with the girls, you best believe I am letting my makeup freak flag fly! Cue "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" -- that's right, I channel my inner-Cyndi Lauper. I can't dye my hair wild colors, but I can go Rainbow Brite meets Jem with the makeup! And when I saw 22Cosmetics lipstick, I was like.....Must have -- must have now!

They have a fantastic collection, with colors ranging from classic to atypical. But the best part about this brand -- their lipstick containers look like Sailor Scout Pens...

I am just kidding... that's not the best part (but do you see a resemblance? Maybe it's just me). Anyway, I love their brand because it promotes confidence and individuality. Being yourself, expressing yourself 100% and using makeup to find yourself, be yourself, develop yourself, grow yourself.

The company, just like their lipstick containers, are bold, brave and ostentatious. Their website says:

Twenty2Cosmetics represents the journey to BECOMING and BEING a well-rounded woman of beauty and substance. No matter where you are in your journey.
With our products, every day you are reminded of how you mean something and how important and valuable you are.
Lipsticks and makeup that never take away from who you are!

I mean, how can you not be a fan of this message. Have fun with your make up. Be adventurous. Take some risks. And I felt inspired, so I went right for the funnest color (imo) -- Sincerely22. Sincerely22 is described as a "gray lip color with blue undertones. Highly Pigmented and easily applicable"-- and boy were they right! This color popped. It looked AWESOME. And it made me feel empowered and intrepid. I felt like a super hero wearing it. It went on easily and stayed on pretty well too. So, basically, I am in love. I love this company. I love the product. I love it's message. My lips may be blue, but girl, I ain't blue over Twenty2 -- I am in love and want more!