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I cannot get enough of this brand. The last three dresses I got fit so nicely, the fabric felt fantastic, they were incredibly comfortable and very flattering. The "Purple Floral Hi-Low Wrap Dress" had me feeling like a princess. I felt feminine and adorable in this lovely lavender piece, covered with delicate flowers. It's form fitting at the top and shows off the collar bone. I just felt lovely in it! I wore it to work on-air, but I could have worn this to a baby/bridal shower or a picnic. Extremely versatile dress! 

Little stroll down #magazinestreet in the #gardendistrict #nola ๐ŸŒท@shoppinkblush

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This little black number gave me so much confidence. It showed off my shoulders and collar bone! It was a little shorter and sexier. Again, a very adaptable dress. I wore this one on a hot date at a speakeasy, followed by a fun night on the town. But you could wear this as a cover-up on the beach or for brunch with the besties!


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This blue dress with black palm leaves was the edgiest out of the three. The spaghetti straps made it quite seductive. Perfect for a night of dancing out on Frenchmen Street. These pictures fail to show the incredible detail on the back. The criss cross back was very fun and sultry. The dress is a little longer though and could (again) be used for an event that's more casual. 

i like nighttime things๐ŸŒ™ @shoppinkblush ๐Ÿ“ธ: @sweetee13

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Long story short, these are fabulous dresses that you can wear frequently -- and for lots of different events -- whether it's for work or fun!