Aminocare Ageless Day Cream

My battle against aging continues, and my weapon of choice for this blog: Aminocare Ageless Day Cream! Aminocare has a wide variety of skin, beauty and hair products, plus supplements, touting that their brand is "Found in Nature. Advanced by Science."

The Day Cream is supposed to help firm, moisturize, restore elasticity, reverse aging, promote renewal of damaged skin -- all that jazz! Their ingrediends include a lot of great natural products -- including essential oils,  jojoba seed oil, grape seed oil. I did not see any Retinol listed in here, which is usually a must for me, but it did have Triglycerides and other anti-aging chemicals.

The Ageless Day Cream is $80, so pricier, but definitely not the worst price I have seen. 

It feels fantastic, I really like the texture. It's a cream, that's incredibly light-weight that does not leave you feeling oily at all. There's no strange smell, it leaves your skin feeling fresh. A great way to end your morning skincare routine. I also though it made a great primer for make up since it doesn't leave your face greasy at all!

As for effectiveness, the product didn't seem to make lines or wrinkles magically melt away, but it seems like a great way to prevent aging. For someone in their 20s or 30s, who doesn't need to do damage control, but more maintenance, this could be a great product for you -- especially because the price is not exorbitant by any means!