In <3 with Flower Mound Soap Works

I have never received a package that smells so good!!! When my FlowerMound Soap Works box came in the mail, I was instantly intrigued! I received a few of their Ugly Soaps for face care! They had a bar for all different skin types: normal, combination, oily, mature, sensitive.

And these bars blow Irish Spring and Dove out of the water. The company's Owner/Mad Scientist uses the "cold-process method of saponification" to make these incorporating a long list of botanicals, fragrance/essential oils, shea/cocoa butter, clay, milk! The face soap is about $21 per bar. As you can see in the photo above, the bars are beautiful -- look at that craftsmanship and carving! They're heavier and just seem packed with goodness, too!

The soap feels fantastic on your skin -- you feel so clean and fresh after -- and I was worried it would be too drying. Not at all! I also wear a ton of makeup, and with a lot of cleansers, it doesn't get all my make up off after one use. Not a problem with these face soaps! I am a HUGE fan of this product. 

I want to talk about using an actual bar of soap  -- since I've used gels and creams as facial cleansers for most of my life. Initially, I was a little thrown off. But I actually really like that it's a bar. Sometimes with creams/gels I end up squirting out too much, but with the Ugly Soaps, I get the bar a little wet and get just the right amount on my hands. This is a product I will definitely be using in my skincare routine from now on!

FlowerMound Soap Works also has pet care soaps, natural ddeodorants, lion balm for muscle rubs and lip balm! I really hope I can try out some of their other products, I can only imagine how great they all smell!  

Another cool note about the company, they partner with local shelters and help with other charitable events!