Dew Puff: Cute & Cleanses!

The Dew Puff konjac plant sponge looks adorable, but it's also an exceptional face and body cleansing tool! They have three types: Original (white), Asian Clay (orange) and Bamboo Charcoal (grey). The Original is for all skin types. The Asian Clay is for drying/aging skin. The Bamboo Charcoal is for blemish prone skin. 

They're hard when they come out of their packaging, but then you just add water and it turns soft. You can add cleanser if you want or just sponge down your face, and the Dew Puff will "break down dirt, absorb impurities and promote circulation", according to the company.

When I got in the shower, I was a little confused at first. It feels like a porous block, but seriously, within seconds, it turns into this squishy sponge! And, boy, does it feel great on your skin. It's smooth, silky, soothing. I really enjoy using the Dew Puff on my face and body! It's hard to describe how it feels, but it's so gentle! I don't suffer from serious acne, so I can't really say if it shows vast improvements when it comes to blemishes, but it definitely exfoliates nicely and feels great on your skin. Compared to other loofahs I've used in the past, this is a clear winner.

The company based out of Boulder, Colorado says the Dew Puff sponges "are the modern version of one of the oldest, most traditional beauty tools in the world...used for hundreds of years in Asia." It's 100% natural konjac fiber, no preservatives, biodegradable, compostable! You can find them online for 8 to 10 dollars. 

I'm definitely going to continue using these little guys, I really like how it feels on my skin and they're inexpensive!