BeautiScoop is genius!

My beauty adventures continue! And this time I am actually reviewing a tool that every lady -- and frankly everybody, family-- should have: the BeautiScoop from Beautility.


When I got this in the mail, I was like what the heck is this unusual torture device, LOL! But then after a little inspection, I realized I had a incredible invention in my hands. The BeautiScoop is a long stick (roughly 7 to 8 inches) with two spoon heads on the ends (one smaller, another a little larger). And it's easy to use! You stick it in bottles of product you're using and scoop out those remnants -- that are almost always impossible to get without this nifty device! 

Their website claims, when using the BeautiScoop, that users can save up to 25 percent of products, like lip gloss, make up containers, serums, lip sticks, travel-size tubes, lotion, foundations, moisturizers, shampoo, creams, gels, toothpastes, prescriptions -- the list goes on and on. 

"It fits into the narrow openings of the smallest and tallest containers to reach every drop you paid for. It’s patented dual-scoop design collapses to fit in to tiny openings, clings to the inside of the container and cradles without spilling."

You can get a BeautiScoop for just 10 bucks, two for $20. Fun gift for friends or family -- they're stylish, sleek. Obviously, using a BeautiScoop is much better than digging around with a potentially hazardous knife or an ineffective chop stick. 

Another positive about BeautiScoop, parts of your purchase go towards two great causes, fighting clean water inequality and human trafficking, helping them "move toward the goal of cleaner water, more justice, and more freedom."