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When it comes to clothes, it can be tough being a tall lady! I'm not 5'8" -- not 5'10" -- not 6'0" -- I am 6'2" with a 37.5 inch inseam! I am still traumatized by pants shopping in my teens. I vividly remember looking in the mirror in high school, wanting to cry, when the "cool" jeans came up above my ankle.

I'm 30 now and I've figured out how to work around the fashion difficulties when it comes to #tallgirl shopping. 

I wear a lot of dresses. I've gotten used to my trousers looking like boat pants.

But it's always been disheartening, not being able to get chic, stylish clothing because my legs and arms are too long, and my feet are too big (size 11).

What about #tallgirl shops you ask? Well, when I was kid, the "Big & Tall" stores (as my father horrifically called them) had the worst selection. They were mom clothes. Not remotely fun or flashy. So for years, I just accepted the droll or wore ill-fitting outfits  ( I know... tragic). 

In 2008, Long Tall Sally started selling in North America. But I didn't hear about them until a few years later (of course, from some fellow volleyball players who share my clothing woes). I immediately thought: 'Oh boy, some more ugly mom clothes -- I am sure."

I didn't check them out for awhile, but then after another frustrating day at the dressing room, filled with ill-fitting attire and tears -- I decided to look at Long Tall Sally's website!

LTS is Tall Girl Heaven. Their clothes have style. They have traditional, classic options (which are always great, don't discount fashion basics and fundamentals like a good pair of work slacks and a little black dress).

They also have on-trend pieces with pizazz (absolutely loved my latest outfit, below, long pink winter jacket, merlot-colored crushed velvet dress with rose gold velvet ankle boots -- I mean, c'mon -- LOVE!!!!!) 

“We don’t just sell clothes for tall women. We champion tall women.
Everything we do is dedicated to making tall women look - and feel - fabulous.”

— Long Tall Sally

Every time I get a LTS package, I am elated! On Cloud 9! It's a tall lady's fashion dream. You truly do not understand the excitement you feel when you're a tall woman, and you slip on a jacket and it's not inches above your wrist! The shock you feel when the end of your pants actually touches the ground. The joy that overwhelms you when you slip on those adorable shoes and your toes aren't all mashed up in the front. 

Long Tall Sally provides me an overabundance of happiness!!! My recent outfits were off the chain!!!

As long as you love me so 💙 Let it ❄️ Let it 🌨 Let it ❄️ @longtallsallyclothing

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Karl Lagersfield Paris Textured Faux Leather Jacket 

I just felt like a rock star in this jacket. I am pretty slim, but my jackets are never form-fitting. But this jacket just slides on to you and accentuates all the right areas. Felt like a total bad B in this.

Longline Lace Shirt

This piece is the perfect combination of classy and sassy. You can wear it to work with a black tank top underneath or be a little more provocative and wear a black bra or crop top. Both looks were fabulous. I wore it professionally on-air with the tank and then went out in it it as well!

Metallic Slim Leg Jean

These are high-waisted, following the latest trend. I wore it with that longer lace shirt, but man it looks great with shirts tucked in to it or a fun, airy crop top. The color of these are just chic. You need this in your closet. 

LTS Neema Stretch Back Leather Boot

I mean. These boots though....... The knee high look is so in. These boots are traditional and trendy.  I rock them constantly and get so many compliments.

Curatd. X LTS Single Button Maxi Coat

This jacket is just too much fun. Long and pink. I just feel fabulous whenever I wear it. It's lighter weight wool, so perfect for fall or a cool day in winter. Another piece that can come come off casual or classy, depending on what you pair with it!

LTS Laura Velvet Ankle Boot

These shoes are insane. Just gorgeous. Fit great, material is nice. Easily my favorite shoes I own. You will turn heads in these. Period. 

Velvet Back Tie Bodycon Dress

I don't need to tell you this. Velvet is so in right now. Great for a sexy winter date night or if you want to wow the family during the holidays. Comfy and fits great. 

We NEVER just add inches. We construct each and every garment
positioning hips, hems, pockets and plackets exactly where they should be.
— Long Tall Sally

all i want... @longtallsallyclothing Curatd. X LTS Lace Bodice Jumpsuit

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Curatd. X LTS Lace Bodice Jumpsuit 

Do not freak out when you see this. Just buy it. I know it's a long sleeve, wide-leg jump suit and just seems like a risky buy. Girl -- just get it!
This is my favorite outfit from LTS & that's saying so much, because I love all the outfits I got!

This jumpsuit just flatters every part of you. The airiness of it makes you look whimsical and willowy -- and it just feels so good to have the arms and legs of it fit you to a T! 

At first, I was like "OMG -- but how many wears will I get out of this?" When you see how well this looks on, you'll be like I don't care if it's a flashier piece, I am going to wear this as much as I can. 

Instead of wearing a dress to a wedding, wear this.

Baby shower, wear this.

Date... put this on.

Concert, this is your choice... You will love this jumpsuit -- best part, it's SO COMFY!

Suede Biker Jacket

This jacket is just the coolest. Again, fits like a glove and the suede is so soft and beautiful. It's edgy, but not over the top at all. This is a jacket you have to have in your closet. You just get instant cool points when sporting this incredible piece. 

Ombre Sparkle Sweater

This is fun for the holidays. Not too ostenatious and comfy. Perfect for Christmas morning or a chill NYE party. 

Faux Leather Skinny Trouser Jean

Another sick pair of pants from LTS! Fit amazing, stylish, sleek. (Faux) leather pants are all the rage -- hop on this train! 

LTS Sorley Stud Suede Ankle Boot

These boots are BEAUTIFUL. The sparkly studs, the chunky heel. I mean these have fashionista written all over them. They fit and look fantastic!

We dress the tall women of the world
— Long Tall Sally

Tall girls, rejoice! Finally, we have cute, chic, classy clothing options!!

 Thank you Long Tall Sally, for giving me confidence again.

When I am in your clothes, I can walk with my head held high. I am no longer paranoid about pants creeping up my calves or pulling my jacket sleeves down, as they wriggle up almost to my elbow. 

My clothes -- just fit. It makes me finally feel like myself. Whole. 

Y'all get me and I am so happy I found you, Long Tall Sally! You got a customer for life <3