Oh yes, Obagi!

I recently got my Obagi kit from the Sculpting Center of New Orleans and the results are remarkable. It's an incredible skincare regimen that battles aging on various levels, from skin discoloration to wrinkles to saggy skin!

Since I work on TV, I have tried out so many beauty products, I don't even know where to start. But it's remarkable to me how much money I have spent -- and how often the products -- just don't work.

Well, you won't get that with Obagi. This anti-aging routine is powerful. Skin discoloration on my upper lip (had a little browning) disappeared. My skin just felt fresh and clear after using it! I used to get a few zits a month. Since I started using Obagi three months ago, I barely break out. It's incredible how clear my skin is!


As I said though, this stuff is potent -- so make sure you moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. The Obagi kit will accommodate. It comes with a special moisturizer (and a sunscreen if you're heading outdoors). But I threw on some extra coconut oil or Aquaphor on at night to really make sure my skin was hydrated with the Obagi concoctions! 

I am impressed with what I am seeing so far, but again,  this stuff is strong ! Use smaller amounts in the beginning and then you can up your usage if necessary. Depending on your skin type, you may want to use every other day to or a couple times a week. But prepare for a revitalization and transformation of your skin! If you're interested in an Obagi kit or their products, contact Elizabeth at Sculpting Center of New Orleans.