@kismetcosmetics latest leaves you with lovely lashes

Locally-owned, Covington-based Kismet Cosmetics continues to expand -- branching out into the eyelash serum game! I have stubby eyelashes, so when I heard about the Wink Eyelash Serum -- I had to try it!

The serum combines peptides and botanicals! Full results should appear in 90 days, but you should start seeing a change after 3 weeks! It's easy to apply, I just used the applicator on my top lashes (when you blink, it'll get on the lower lashes). 

Our blend of botanicals like, Rose Flower Water and White Tea, condition and nourish lashes to keep them healthy. Clinically tested, Hypoallergenic and Non-Irritating formula is safe, gentle and effective.

So does it work??? Here's my AFTER PHOTO: 

Just kidding! Here's a BEFORE & AFTER photo after just a few weeks of usage: 


I am sorry. I am not a professional photographer and this isn't the greatest image -- but I can definitely see improvement. It's probably millimeters -- but I will take it!

The serum is basically a conditioner for your lashes. It's a way to tend to them and keep them healthy -- allowing for growth!

If you don't have the money for extensions or prescription-strength serums, this is a great option. I am going to have to see how it plays out after 90 days, but Kismet's eyelash serum is 60 bucks (compare that to some of the other products on the market that run double that or more). If your eyelash length bothers you, Kismet's serum nurtures them, you'll be ecstatic about the improvement!