Refreshed & Refocused after Raw Republic Juice Cleanse

I was talking to my personal trainer, Barry Smith (with Fuel Center of Fitness in Metairie) about how hard it is to lose that last 10 pounds. He had a great recommendation -- do a juice cleanse with Raw Republic (4528 Magazine Street in New Orleans).

At first I was really skeptical. I love to eat. I LOVE TO EAT. How in the heck was I going to make it through on just a bunch of juice? But honestly, I was willing to try anything. 

The juice shop is set up on the incredibly popular Magazine Street -- and it is adorable. It's straight out of something you'd see in California, clean, white -- this minimalist feel. The staff was incredibly informative and friendly. I showed up, paid -- and they gave me my first two days of my three day cleanse (you have to pick up the third day later, so the ingredients are fresh). 

You got 6 bottles. 1 for breakfast, 2 for brunch, 3 for lunch, 4 for lunner, 5 for dinner and 6 for a snack. #1 was always this delectable tonic, made with ginger, cayenne, lemon. It just made me feel purified! #2 and #3 were green drinks -- spinach or kale based with other great healthy add ins. #4 one day was a strawberry drink, the second day it was a beet drink, the third day it was a coconut almond milk mix. #5 was a delectable carrot-based juice. #6 Was a richer coconut, almond milk mix. All of them were SO GOOD and left me feeling fulfilled, but not heavy.

I was so worried about feeling full. I kept thinking , there's no way this will sustain me -- but they did! Seriously, as soon as I started feeling hungry, it was already time for my next drink. If I got super hungry I had some carrot sticks or berries. 

It does require some discipline, but when you get those three days you feel fantastic. The owner, Evan, told me that people usually do a cleanse once a month, some customers have done it for 25 days straight. Man, I would if I could -- but it is $150 for a 3 day cleanse. I'm going to look at my budget and see how many times I can work it in, but I feel great. Slim, svelte, not heavy or bloated, I am a juice cleanse believer! Stay disciplined with these delicious drinks and it will go a long way!