Craving Kismet Cosmetics

Kismet Cosmetics is my go-to make up now. Forget Mac, Sephora -- whatever -- I love their products. Their lipstick collections are absurdly awesome, the colors are beautiful and last. They've got liquid lipstick , semi-matte lipstick, glosses, lip kits and more! Their lip products also smell lovely and don't have a chalky taste, which I appreciate!

Hot pinks, sultry reds, demure nudes: whether you want something for work, something casual, something fierce -- they have the color.  The company touts their variety, aiming to provide their clients with a variety of looks for any occasion!

"Fashion is no longer just about the dress you are wearing. It is about the entire look. From the right pair of shoes to the perfect hairstyle to match. You wouldn’t wear a pair of cork wedges with a cocktail dress now would you? Let’s hope not. This is the mentality that we bring to the table with KISMET. A beauty line that enhances your overall look. Thus, fashion is head to toe."

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Now to the "Build Your Own" Primp Velvet Lip Kit.  This is a fantastic gift. Great deal. It's 40 bucks and (as suggested in the title) you build it yourself. My kit came with the Buff Sugar-Lip Scrub, Hydrogel Lip Mask, Edge Lip Liner Mini and your choice of a Velvet Semi-Matte Lipstick. It's a great value, fun and man -- I am out in the sun all the time playing volleyball. I really take my lips for granted. My lips felt great after using the scrub and mask! 

Let's not forget about their mascara. I have short stubby eyelashes. I usually wear fake ones and absolutely hate mascaras, but I was literally in shock when I tried out Kismet Cosmetics mascara. My eye lashes looked fuller, bolder and they were actually curling, without a curler. The mascara liquid really had an impact on my awful lashes, I have never used a better mascara. Period. The brush was nice too, separating my lashes nicely. Another plus, the liquid also helps with lash growth...I mean, c'mon! Can this get any better? 

The bronzing lotion is also a great addition for any skincare/makeup lover. It doesn't smell weird, doesn't look weird, it comes off the hands easily. I have some awful tan lines since I play sand volleyball frequently, and while the lotion didn't make my lines disappear, they really helped minimize them. It made my skin glow and glitter! I really like this product -- and since I am out in the sun all the time. It's a must have for a quick tan lines cover up!

Talking about glitter and glow -- the illuminator options are gorgeous. They have Goldie, Rosy & Toasty options. They all make you sparkle! I actually use them as a primer for my eye shadow too, it sharpens my brow  line and gives my eye make up a glamorous look. Like any highlighter, it helps accentuate the cheek bones! Great colors that can give your 'night out on the town' look an extra umph or dress up your casual look if you just want to wear BB cream and mascara. 

And dude -- don't even get me started on their eyeliner. Finding the right eyeliner is such a pain. But this goes on smoothly, the color is dark and the brush is comfortable and easy to use. I am thrilled that they came out with this product and that it's so good. Let's be honest, you can find decent lipstick anywhere, but finding a solid eyeliner is tough. Well, I found it. Love. it.

I have been using Kismet Cosmetics for roughly a month now and have been so impressed by everything I have used so far. As I said in the beginning of the article, they're my go-to makeup company now -- and I'm craving more Kismet Cosmetics!

Vivianna 💄💋from @kismetcosmetics is giving me life ❣️

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