I accept you parachute, over-sized shirt dress

LE TOTE -  Au Amanda Uprichard  Multi Stripe Dress $54 &  Noir Luxe  Mesh Gold Choker $13

LE TOTE - Au Amanda Uprichard Multi Stripe Dress $54 & Noir Luxe Mesh Gold Choker $13

So I absolutely hate dresses that are not form fitting and usually stay far away from stripes, but this Au Amanda Uprichard Multi Stripe Dress ($54 via Le Tote) totally changed my mind. 

I have not caught on to this over-sized shirt dress trend. Just haven't. I think that I look like I am wearing a muumuu. They do not photograph well at all and look OK in person. They're just not flattering, imo. 

BUT when I ordered my Le Tote the captivating colors in this dress caught my eye and I thought -- well why not, give it another shot. So happy I did. 

This piece was incredibly comfortable -- and apparently with proper hand placement -- you can take a great photo in one of these! Who would've thought.  

I am certainly not about to fill my closet with a bunch of dresses like this, but at least I have realized with the right pattern and photography tricks -- these parachutes can look pretty darn good. So, thanks to Le Tote for sending. I accept you flowy dress.