eye πŸ’• eyebobs eyewear


Eyebobs: Handmade Italian frames with sick designs and patterns, starting at $199, with a virtual try-on tool, that you can order to your doorstep within days!!!!

I mean, really... Need I say more?

Look out eyes, we’re coming for you!

— Eyebobs

The popular glasses company started off only making reading glasses, but Hallelujah! Now, they're  making prescription frames!

If you wear glasses, like me, finding an affordable, QUALITY, fun pair ain't easy!

Eyebobs has classic looks, but some wild frames too (which I love).

There’s an eyebobs frame to suit every mood, from cool and classic to edgy and avant garde. Change your glasses and change everything. Because eyewear should make a statement; yours requires an exclamation point! (Eyebobs) 

I walk into glasses stores and, oftentimes, their selection's just dull and traditional. If you see an idiosyncratic pair, they're usually pretty pricey.

There's retailers online that I've ordered from in the past and they're cheap -- but you get what you pay for. The fit isn't great, the hinges are loose after a few weeks, there's rusting, the list of issues goes on and on! Plus, it's hard to really picture how they'll actually look on you...

Well here's Eyebobs to the rescue! They have a ton of variety, and they now have this incredible, easy-to-use virtual try-on tool, which shows you how the frames will look on you! I had so much fun with this and felt really confident about the glasses I picked after messing around with the tool!

Let everyone else look like everyone else.
— Eyebobs

While you'll pay more for Eyebobs, then Zenni or Warby Parker -- the quality is there. These are nice frames and they're fun! The Meeooww glasses I got don't look or feel cheap. They're sharp and sleek. The material feels sturdy. The best part, they look fabulous!

If you need to update your look, there’s no time like right meow! Get your paws on some Eyebobs!