Charlotte Tilbury: 'Give a woman the right makeup and she can conquer the world.'

When you work in TV, you use make up from so many different companies that they all really start to blend together. But when I got my Charlotte Tilbury package, I truly was blown away. 

Her aptly titled Magic Foundation works wonders. It didn't feel like cake face or pasty and thick, but it provided significant coverage and my skin just looked smooth and soft.  It's perfect for on-air. We need to look flawless, but you want to feel like your skin can actually breathe!

This foundation also touts it's ability to "treat and transform your skin, especially if you struggle with melasma, acne, rosacea."  My face looked like porcelain, it covered up blemishes and skin discoloration very well. Definitely my favorite Charlotte Tilbury product.

Loving this hel's bells lipstick πŸ’‹ @ctilburymakeup

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β€œI believe that every woman wants to feel beautiful, powerful and sexy and that makeup is a great way to achieve this. Makeup gives you INSTANT CONFIDENCE. It’s about feeling as fabulous on the outside as you do on the inside.” - Charlotte Tilbury

If you want a foundation that's lighter that still provides full coverage, check out her Light Wonder foundation. The best part about this foundation though, is that it has anti-aging benefits, minimizes your pores and is very hydrating.

I use this one when I am not on air, it's very moisturizing and comfortable. Another great product. I like Light Wonder when I want a more casual look, I use Magic Foundation when I want to look more done up.

Charlotte Tilbury's lipstick collection is out of this world. She has so many incredible colors, from matte to gloss. I received the Hel's Bells "deep berry matte lipstick." I mean -- the color is to die for. It goes with so many outfits. I can make it look sexy and chic or fun and playful!

You can also alter the looks of the lipsticks by matching them with their lip glosses.  They have some deep colors if you like a darker, sexier, smooth look --  and also lighter colors if you just want a shimmer or sparkle! I was a big fan of Blondie, which I have used with light pinks and dark pinks -- it gives my lips a gold, glimmer. 

This rich, magical magenta-mulberry is inspired by the quintessentially British style of Helena Bonham-Carter, completing her dreamy-gothic, eclectic look.

I also really liked Charlotte Tilbury's  Unisex Healthy Glow Tinted Moisturizer (I used it in the photo above). The description calls it "summer-in-a-bottle all year round" that will "bring your tired skin to life."  It reminded me of a BB Cream -- light, comfortable coverage. Would also be great for guys -- it's not cakey or powdery like make up at all -- just a nice, fresh cover up to even out your skin tone and give you a nice glow! If I am not in the mood to wear make up and I am doing something in the evening or night, I am going straight for this moisturizer.

My favorite part about this brand though is that it provides make up for all types of women. They have photos of women from various backgrounds in their foundation, lipstick, blush -- whatever -- so you can really picture how it would look on you. I am half-Asian, so ordering make up online can be really scary -- I feel like I never know what I am going to get! But I looked at some of the photos of girls who looked similar to me and I got a great idea of what would be a good fit.

This make up line is high-quality and fun. It's also going beyond coverage, thinking about the health of your skin, providing anti-aging and acne-fighting options.

It's more expensive, without question, but after using it, I would definitely say 100% worth it. 

Also another awesome company, that's pushing confidence and self-love. So now -- I am ready to conquer the world ;)