Diamonds, Parallelograms, & Flowers -- Oh my!

This Geo-Floral Dress ($56 via Le Tote) from Charlie Jade is wild and fun! I love the colors, I love the funky pattern -- interweaving diamonds, parallelograms and flowers.

I mean this dress, matched with the Camilla Lace Stretch Choker ($18 via Le Tote) and Sondra Roberts Zipper Front Mini Satchel ($50 via Le Tote) -- I just felt like walking straight to a music festival or a fun night on the town.

I get it -- the design can be a little intimidating -- especially when you look at it up close. But from a distance, it really just looked like a nice floral dress. Then when people got closer, many actually complimented me on the ornamentation! Comfortable, yet chic. Really loved this outfit!