Summer dresses in January

I am used to terribly cold winters. I grew up in Colorado. Went to school in upstate New York. I have worked in Massachusetts and Ohio, covering a number of snow storms and blizzards.

Now, I'm in New Orleans, Louisiana! Our December was filled with humid days in the sixties and seventies! I am not complaining, I absolutely love the warm weather. But you understand now why I am wearing a purple summer dress and posting this in January.

The great thing about this piece from LeTote though. If it's toasty outside, I can throw on a pair of strappy heels, some jewerly. The outfit is done. If it's windy or rainy -- I just put on leggings, boots and throw on a cardigan. Also done. Just goes to show you how shoes can easily change an outfit. So you can turn you nose up at me if you think wearing summer dresses in January is absurd. But I see no reason to be drab and boring when it's cold out. Work those summer colors and throw on some boots and tights if need be.