Leota for the win!

Leota's bio on their Instagram page reads, "We do perfect dresses, made in the USA. Always flattering, never wrinkling." 

Sounds too good to be true, but it's true. LeTote sent me the "Sweetheart Cut Dress" (on sale for $69) and this dress fit perfectly, comfortably, and I absolutely loved this color blue and the pixelated pink, white and black design was really cool.

And flattering is right! Obviously, every woman has a different body type, but for me, my best asset (in my opinion) is my collar bone and if it cannot be seen, then I flat out no the dress will not look good at me. This has a great cut, it almost fit like a wrap dress (which wrap dresses look great on pretty much every body type). I really liked how it looked.

The material was soft, stretchy and comfy, but not too sheer -- thick and strong. I really want to try out more of their dresses. Easily, one of my favorite dresses from LeTote so far.