"I have enough jewelry" - Said No One Ever

Best quote, right? So true though. You really can never have enough jewelry, whether it's glamorous or earthy -- it just adds that extra something, something that your outfit needs!

 I have recently become a huge fan of the brand Sabika. Their collections are divine, exquisite, elegant and original.

This is easily my favorite from their Winter Collection this year: 

Strong Tones - 5 Stone Necklace

Strong Tones - 5 Stone Necklace

Look at that design. Simple, great colors that can be worn with a lot. Just the right amount of flashy!

Strong Tones Mega Drop Earrings    

Strong Tones Mega Drop Earrings


Fairy Tale Long Pearl Earrings

Highlights Golf Drop Earrings

Relevant Teardrop Earrings

My absolute favorite pieces of jewelry from Sabika are their earrings though. I have big, black hair and their pieces are big and bright -- but they are NOT HEAVY. When I am shopping, I see earrings I love, but then I put them on and they're so uncomfortable.

No joke, EVERY pair of Sabika earrings I own are comfy and beautiful. Exceptional pieces if you have long, bushy hair and you want your earrings to pop or you have shorter hair and you want to show off some real bling. 

Relevant Mega 2-Stone Necklace & Mega Drop Earrings

Fireworks Manhatten Choker and Manhatten Bracelet

The other thing I absolutely adore about Sabika is how brilliantly their pieces all come together. The photo on the left is just so simple, yet catchy! It could really go with any outfit and it's not too matchy, matchy. Just two great pieces of jewelry that go together swimmingly!

Then the photon on the right you have such amazing colors and patterns. Colors and gems that I would never think to put together, but they somehow magically blend and look stunning, taking  my drab dress to another level. 

Everyone has different styles, some of my choices are definitely on the flashier end, but there's really jewelry for anyone at Sabika! They have exceptional single gem pieces, than jewelry that could be worn to a ball. 

Basically -- I am addicted.

 "I need more Sabika Jewelry" -Jacki Jing LOL!!!